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A dietitian who says its not all about food...?

Its not all about food - a registered dietitian perspective.

Yes, nourishment is not solely about food. It is 3 fold. Mind. Body. Soul.

The mind needs nourishment.

The body needs nourishment.

The soul needs nourishment. 

As a new dietitian, I am slightly "unconventional". I approach life (mind, body, soul), with a focus on nourishment for the body. In other words, I don't just look at the entire picture, we work with the entire picture (aka your life) so you can live it. 

If I just looked at food, I would probably be successful like many others because you would lose that weight (for now) and you would feel better (for now). If you are entirely fulfilled, happy, rule-free and not at all restricted, then there is nothing wrong with meal plans, analyzing food intake or tracking calories or "macros". Unfortunately, complete and true fulfillment, happiness and freedom don't typically go hand-in-hand with rules (aka tracking and meal plans)...especially when those rules are broken.

FORTUNATELY, fulfillment, happiness and freedom DO go hand-in-hand with nourishment. At least the kind of nourishment you attain with me. This is nourishment without rules, without "goods" and "bads" and without guilt. This is nourishment WITH love, joy, deliciousness, laughter, balance.

I don't want to paint a picture of a perfect world because that doesn't exist. There is often some sorrow, some frustration and some fear in life...but within all of that is love. And where there is love, there is joy. Together we will find that love and that joy. Together we will find that nourishment.

Together/we = you + me

You got you. Now you need me.

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